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Hotkeys/Commands for GTA

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Current keys used on the GTA server


F1 - Interaction Menu

F2 - Player List

C - Cruise Control

X - Hands up

B - Point

G - Binoculars

U - Unlock/Lock vehicle

H - Handcuff for police

Left shift + M - Remove/put mask on



/engine - turn engine on/off

/tweet - make a tweet

/an - make an anonymous tweet

/ad - make an advertisement

/me - action you are preforming

/do - an action you are doing

/help - if you need any help use that to chat in help chat

/cash - to show how much cash you have on you

/job - to show which job you have

/emote - to play an emote

/emotes - to show the list of emotes available

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