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  • General Rules
  • Be respectful of others.
  • Do not spam.
  • Do not act immature.
  • 15+ Age Requirement.
  • Do NOT private message staff unless you have exhausted all options.

Gameserver Rules

  • When involving yourself in a situation you must make it clear to all parties involved.
  • Be somebody, create a character and a story line.
  • Do not use any unintended methods of gaining an advantage.
  • Do not abuse or degrade people unless its in character.
  • Do not enter other peoples role play scenarios with out a valid reason that suits your character.
  • Do not rob, shoot or harm anyone with out a valid reason that suits your character.
  • Do not grief other players.
  • Value your life, do not fight in circumstances where you would die for no cause.
  • Upon death, you forget the entire RP scenario that caused your demise.
  • Use a proper Roleplay Name in game that matches your forum name.
  • Always have a quality microphone.
  • You must sound and act mature at all times unless it fits your character.
  • You can be removed from Police if you do NOT fit the ideal RP standard.
  • Video, Photo or Audio evidence must be captured by an ingame device, IE video camera(both video and audio) or smart phone(pictures of text or physical case evidence).
  • Do not break any Twitch guidelines, even if you do not stream.
  • Have a valid reason to murder someone, think it out and plan it.


  • Shooting someone for stealing your car is RDM.
  • Showing up to a scenario in which you were not initially involved in and shooting with out initiating is RDM.
  • Shooting someone for calling you names can be considered RDM.
  • Pulling a gun while a gun is pointed at you is not valuing your life.
  • Trying to take people hostage in very risky situations is not valuing your life.
  • Walking up to gun fights you are not involved in is not valuing your life.
  • Robbing people for no reason and or with no character is Fail RP.
  • Being a salty when you are put in restraints is Fail RP.
  • Talking about Gods or out of world issues can be considered Fail RP.
  • Running up to police situations / crime scenes is considered Fail RP.
  • Involving yourself in shooting situations may result in death with no RDM.
  • Watching other streams to follow them around will result in a perm ban for meta gaming.



  • Warning with up to a 7 day ban.
  • Generally this will happen on a first time offense / unintended rule break / basic rule break.



  • Permanent with access to appeal after 30 days [Excludes bans for any of the following: Duping, hacking, and/or roleplaying rape]

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