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      Takistan Mods Download   06/08/2018

      We will be using a steam workshop collection and an Arma 3 Sync since we think this is the easiest/fastest way to download the addons. Just make sure you are subscribed to all the add-ons in the collection and have downloaded all the add-ons in the repository and you should be good to go. If you have any questions about how to use it or install them feel free to join our Teamspeak and we will be happy to help you out.   CUP Download: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1408251218 Arma3sync (Main mod pack): Mods Installation Tutorial    
    • Nordan

      Refer a Friend Reward System   06/11/2018

      We are going to be starting a refer a friend reward system on our server. For each friend who joins the server you will both receive 20k and there is no limit to the number of friends you can refer. In order to claim your reward, you must do the following. Make sure you are both registered on our forums and have joined our server. Both fill out this forum with all the details: Link Here Wait until a Chief or above gets around to adding the money to your bank account
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Takistan Life Server Rules

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Evolved Gaming Community Rules


General Rules:

  • Hacking, Exploiting Bugs, Glitching, or Duping is not tolerated. This includes linking software or showing ways to do something.
  • No baiting/aggravating/harassing players in order to invoke a response in them. This includes the game server, in which you aggravate a player in order to kill you, or you kill them.
  • Do not cause problems with other communities or start drama.
  • We do not have an age requirement however it is required to be mature at all times, and when dealing with role-play situations.
  • If a staff member gives you an answer/makes a call on a situation, or problem then do not go to another staff member in an attempt to get a different answer or overturn the previous staff member decision.
  • Advertising any other community is not allowed. This includes linking and posting pictures of other websites.
  • When reporting a player you can only use the stream/video of someone else if given permission/if you are involved.
  • Evidence of Player Reports can only be in the way of Videos.
  • Deleting evidence after, or during a report will be classified as tampering with evidence and will result in 3 warning points.

In-Game Rules:

  • Random Deathmatch (RDM) is NOT allowed. You must have verbally initiated or have a proper RP reason before shooting any user.
  • You are not allowed to leave the map or go close to the very border of the map for any reason.
  • Side-Chat is ONLY allowed for Adverts. You may not use it for Support, Google, Announcements, or to Chat. You will be kicked if found doing so.
  • You are allowed to play music through your microphone however you must be in WHISPERING mode.
  • You must not abuse any glitches or bugs. Instead please report them to a Staff member in TeamSpeak, or on the Forum.
  • You shall not commit crimes/rob/attempt to kidnap/kill/steal anyone in any of the specialized stated safe-zones (Spawn Zones and 15m around any ATM (Includes anything with an ATM in the scroll menu).
  • You are not allowed to camp outside of a safe-zone for more than 5 minutes waiting for a user to come out of the safe-zone.
  • Safe-zones do not apply if RP was initiated outside of a safe-zone and the user runs into a safe-zone to avoid getting robbed/killed.
  • You may not wear, or steal EMS equipment, vehicles, or uniforms for any reason.
  • You have to be on Teamspeak in the correct channel with Task Force Radio enabled whilst in-game else you will be removed from the channel/game server.
  • Vehicle Deathmatch (VDM) is NOT allowed. You are not allowed to randomly ram someone unless you have initiated RP beforehand.
  • You can NEVER go OOC while in-game unless told to by Staff.
  • It is required that you have Video proof of RDM or VDM to validate player reports. Screenshots will not suffice.
  • Do not Metagame or Stream Snipe any player at any time. This includes getting information from other sources or using death messages/killfeed to have reason to kill someone.
  • Combat Logging is NOT allowed, nor is Vehicle Combat Logging. (Storing a vehicle to avoid it getting it seized by police etc.)
  • Purposely blocking vehicles spawns will result in a punishment.
  • Never enforce these rules by killing someone in-game. Instead go to the Forums, or TeamSpeak and report the user with video evidence.

New Life Rule (NLR):

  • Upon death, you may NOT use any information obtained in the situations leading up to your death.
  • You can do neither: return to the scene of your death for 15 minutes, nor re-join the RP situation involved with your death.
  • You cannot remember the last 15 minutes before you were downed, even if you get revived. You can’t remember who killed you or what you were doing, and cannot hunt down the players who killed you. You may remember friends, and gangs but cannot re-engage them in any active situation.


  • The bank can ONLY be once every 90 minutes and must be robbed when at least 5 law enforcement personnel are online.
  • You must ATTEMPT to negotiate with law enforcement in a bank robbery before any gun-play can occur. You must also notify law enforcement that negotiations have ended before any shot is fired.
  • Criminals may not “camp” NPCs waiting for victims for more than 10 minutes, once you leave you cannot come back for 30 minutes.
  • When taking anyone hostage, they must be at least 5 law enforcement personnel online.
  • Powergaming is not allowed. An example would be telling a player you have a gun to their head while inside a car.
  • You must vocally initiate on someone before causing them any harm - even if you knock a player out.
  • If you’re threatening someone you must pose a threat. Example being “Stop the car or you’re dead!” you must have a gun/weapon out and give an appropriate amount of time for the player to do your commands to be classed as proper initiation
  • You are not allowed to continue RP 30 minutes after an incident already occurred to the same person for the same reason. (e.g: You attempt to rob someone, they get away and you see the player again 30 minutes after, you cannot just run up to them and knock them out, you must re-initiate RP by talking to them again.)
  • You are not allowed to use any air vehicle as a weapon, for example, kamikaze, air ramming, etc.
  • You cannot use your radio while restrained, nor can you initiate gunplay by saying “Let me go or you will be shot!”.


  • If a gang member is breaking a rule, they will be punished. If the whole gang is breaking the rule the leader will be held responsible.
  • There can only be 1 gang leader, and 1 co-leader for each gang.


  • EMS cannot be robbed, killed, or be taken hostage. Unless certain circumstances apply, such as they were in an active combat zone. [Staff Discretion]
  • EMS is a neutral faction. They cannot take sides and solely revive only one faction.
  • EMS are not allowed to abuse their jobs, or the medical system in any way.
  • EMS are not allowed to enter an active combat zone or risk their lives attempting to revive someone.
  • EMS are the only faction that is allowed to double-life, must be active for at least 2 weeks before doing so.

Smugglers Missions:

  • If you are inside the circle around a smugglers mission you may KOS anyone else who is inside the circle that has a weapon.
  • EMS should not revive inside the zone whilst it is still active on the map.

Warning Point System:

  • Evolved Gaming utilizes Warning Points which are given with any incident or rule break that occurs. Depending on the severity of the incident you will be issued various amount of points, which may be a warning, or a ban and the length will correspond to the points given below:
  • 5 Points for Warnings.
  • 10 Points for 1-3 Day Bans.
  • 20 Points for 7 Day Bans.
  • 25 Points for 14 Day Bans.
  • 30 Points will result in a Permanent Ban.

Chain Of Command (must be followed at all times):

  • Director
  • Sub-Director
  • Chief
  • Executive
  • Senior Support
  • Support 


These Rules are Subject to Change at any time.

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Smugglers Missions:

  • If you are inside the circle around a smugglers mission you may KOS anyone else who is inside the circle that has a weapon.
  • EMS should not revive inside the zone whilst it is still active on the map.

New rules that have just been added make sure you know them

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