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Jonas Fine

Server Rules

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Jonas Fine    2

Please be aware that these are subject to change as the server is still in testing/development.


  • Be respectful at all times.
  • Do NOT private message staff unless you have exhausted all options.
  • We are all here to have fun. This is a roleplay server and having a “must win” or competitive attitude is not conducive to a roleplay environment
  • Do not metagame
  • Do not break character anytime
  • Do not combat log (i.e. Logging off the server to avoid consequences of actions in game)
  • Do not use OOC chat unless its an emergency type situation
  • Be somebody, create a character and a story line.
  • Do not enter other peoples role play scenarios with out a valid reason that suits your character.
  • Do not rob, shoot or harm anyone with out a valid reason that suits your character.
  • Value your life, you are a human, act like one.
  • Use a proper Roleplay Name in game.
  • Always have a quality microphone.
  • You must do jobs you sign up for or you will be perm banned.
  • Using a helicopter for crimes is grounds to be shot down
  • Using a helicopter to make money from jobs is not allowed
  • If you are unconscious, do not respawn if in police custody and they advise you that EMS is en route.

BANS - Note that one infraction could see you permanently banned


Warning with up to a 7 day ban.

Generally this will happen on a first time offense / unintended rule break / basic rule break.


Permanent with access to appeal after 30 days [Excludes bans for any of the following: Serious Exploits, hacking, and/or roleplaying rape]

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