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  1. Server Rules

    Please be aware that these are subject to change as the server is still in testing/development. It is your responsibility to keep up to date with the rules, any new rules added will be displayed in red text. RULES: The main thing we expect from our players here at Evolved Gaming is that they build up their own unique character and stick to that character at all times to make the server more enjoyable for everyone. Be respectful at all times. You must always follow the staff chain of command. We are all here to have fun. This is a roleplay server and having a “must win” or competitive attitude is not conducive to a roleplay environment Do not metagame Do not break character anytime If you wake up at the hospital, you forget everything in the event that caused your demise. Do not enter other people's role play scenarios without a valid reason that suits your character. Do not rob, shoot or harm anyone without a valid reason that suits your character. Value your life, you are a human, act like one. (This includes initiating crime where it makes no sense to your safety - i.e PD) Always have a good quality microphone. You must do jobs you sign up for. Using a helicopter for crimes is grounds to be shot down Using a helicopter to make money from jobs is not allowed If you are unconscious, do not respawn if in police custody and they advise you that EMS is en route or presents You are allowed to change your outfit and accessories at a clothing store but you are not allowed to change any physical features at all e.g skin colour or gender Do not behave or talk in a manner representing any x rated content such as: sexual assault/overt racism Do not RDM/VDM BANS - Note that one infraction could see you permanently banned Minor Warning with up to a 7 day ban. Generally this will happen on a first time offense / unintended rule break / basic rule break. Severe Permanent with access to appeal after 30 days [Excludes bans for any of the following: Serious Exploits, hacking, and/or roleplaying rape] Depending on how well the character roleplays, bans might be more lenient/avoided in some circumstances. Likewise, a bad attitude and saltiness will result in harsher punishment. Chain of Command Management \/ Staff Manager \/ Administrators \/ Moderators Players are expected to always follow the chain of command unless there is no other option available at the time this means you contact the lowest member of staff online at the time don't just go and poke a member of management because a player broke a rule. If you have an issue with the member of the staff team then you are to go to a member one place above them in the chain of command. Failure to follow this will result in a punishment.