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  1. GTA Changelog

    Added bike spawns around the map Added keybind for locking/unlocking vehicle Added courthouse which is marked on the map Made the police radar only work for police Made it now so you need to use /cash and /job to see your cash and job
  2. GTA Changelog

    Lowered weapon license price Fixed jail menu not showing for police Fixed 911 calls showing for everyone Fixed selling drugs to NPC Removed sell points for drugs Increased voice distance Fixed OOC chat Only police can access livery/extra menu's for vehicles
  3. GTA Changelog

    Fixed meth location Fixed drug gathering exploit Fixed searching for police You can walk while handcuffed Fixed jumping out of vehicles/shooting while handcuffed
  4. Join our discord!

    Make sure to join our discord, we will post smaller updates there and we can just have a chat https://discord.gg/sTpp8KF
  5. GTA Changelog

    Fixed weather/time sync Added audi model
  6. GTA Changelog

    Fixed taxi's not spawning
  7. GTA Changelog

    All development changes done to the FiveM RP server will be posted here.
  8. Hotkeys/Commands for GTA

    Current keys used on the GTA server F1 - Interaction Menu F2 - Player List C - Cruise Control X - Hands up B - Point G - Binoculars U - Unlock/Lock vehicle H - Handcuff for police Left shift + M - Remove/put mask on Commands: /engine - turn engine on/off /tweet - make a tweet /an - make an anonymous tweet /ad - make an advertisement /me - action you are preforming /do - an action you are doing /help - if you need any help use that to chat in help chat /cash - to show how much cash you have on you /job - to show which job you have /emote - to play an emote /emotes - to show the list of emotes available
  9. Server Information

    GTA Server 1 IP: Play.evolvedgaming.co.uk Port: 30120 Teamspeak IP: ts3.evolvedgaming.co.uk