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    RULES General Rules Be respectful of others. Do not spam. Do not act immature. 15+ Age Requirement. Do NOT private message staff unless you have exhausted all options. Gameserver Rules When involving yourself in a situation you must make it clear to all parties involved. Be somebody, create a character and a story line. Do not use any unintended methods of gaining an advantage. Do not abuse or degrade people unless its in character. Do not enter other peoples role play scenarios with out a valid reason that suits your character. Do not rob, shoot or harm anyone with out a valid reason that suits your character. Do not grief other players. Value your life, do not fight in circumstances where you would die for no cause. Upon death, you forget the entire RP scenario that caused your demise. Use a proper Roleplay Name in game that matches your forum name. Always have a quality microphone. You must sound and act mature at all times unless it fits your character. You can be removed from Police if you do NOT fit the ideal RP standard. Video, Photo or Audio evidence must be captured by an ingame device, IE video camera(both video and audio) or smart phone(pictures of text or physical case evidence). Do not break any Twitch guidelines, even if you do not stream. Have a valid reason to murder someone, think it out and plan it. Examples Shooting someone for stealing your car is RDM. Showing up to a scenario in which you were not initially involved in and shooting with out initiating is RDM. Shooting someone for calling you names can be considered RDM. Pulling a gun while a gun is pointed at you is not valuing your life. Trying to take people hostage in very risky situations is not valuing your life. Walking up to gun fights you are not involved in is not valuing your life. Robbing people for no reason and or with no character is Fail RP. Being a salty when you are put in restraints is Fail RP. Talking about Gods or out of world issues can be considered Fail RP. Running up to police situations / crime scenes is considered Fail RP. Involving yourself in shooting situations may result in death with no RDM. Watching other streams to follow them around will result in a perm ban for meta gaming. BAN PROCESS Minor Warning with up to a 7 day ban. Generally this will happen on a first time offense / unintended rule break / basic rule break. Severe Permanent with access to appeal after 30 days [Excludes bans for any of the following: Duping, hacking, and/or roleplaying rape]
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